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Who We Are?

V8 Global Company Limited is a digital transformation company focus on sales and marketing technology. We have provided various professional technical support solutions for individuals, SME and enterprises since 2013. Our service scope includes CRM customer relationship management system and Omni-channel eBusiness system, which specializes in providing omni-channel sales pipeline and eCommerce solutions.


Mission & Vision

Computers were among the most valuable things available for business, because of how they helped making decisions. We believed that in theory, if the computers can hold all of the world's facts data with perfectly programmed tom mathematically express all of the relationships between all of the world's parts, the future could be perfectly foretold. 

But that's still a long way from there, that's why we were here. Digital transformation is a buzzword that fit the philosophy we long held. While the differences are the data come from the Internet and we can do the calculation through cloud computing. In which, this is the era where massive data is available for computing through the entire world's computers.  

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


We know the value of data, thus make sure data is under our client's control is our priority


Providing insights so that we can keep our system accountable to your business


Non-matter it is about our system or your client, passing on knowledge means more business and co-operation


Making sure that our solution is up to date and useable in practical environment


Our passion on sales, marketing and technology make us think about making sales as easy as possible

Our Clients

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