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CRM System

Increasing revenues by increasing sales opportunities

Simple and powerful tool for your team

It is the tools and strategies help businesses to generate leads and convert prospects into customers. To close more deals and build lasting customer relationship in a all-in-one simple no code platform.

The amazing features of CRM automation include:

  • Generate more Lead

  • Build lasting customer relationships

  • Manage sales pipeline effectively

  • Better Communication and operation with your team


We can help your business grow

It helps to engage more leads 24/7 automatically

Imagine a salesperson who responds instantly, anytime, anywhere to help you generate leads, It automatically send the unique proposal message to prospected customer, convert them to deals in sales pipeline


Manage pipeline effectively

This sales journey drives potential customers through a sequential sales funnel  ( Lead capture, Prospect, Customer) from the first point of contact automatically, so you never miss any prospects.


Auto segment with ease, to  build customer loyalty

By the input data, you can capture their interest, automate the segments and  deliver personalized follow-ups, give them what they interested and drive loyalty. 


CRM automation helps your team to save time and achieve much more

Leverage automation to handle simple and repetitive tasks,

Focus your time on potential clients or achieve more.


CRM Automation

7 x 24 Customer Engagement

Improve efficiency and effectiveness on closing more deals





Centralized Customer Footprint

Tag your customer for target marketing

  • Focus on real potential customers

  • Understanding customer behavior for personalized follow up 

  • Engage to become loyal customer


Build Campaign Automation

In a simple and elegant way

  • Campaign Template for quick build up of your sales pipeline automation

  • Customized the status and flow to fine tune your sales pipeline automation


with Ease

Complete your tasks effectively 

With help of automation, simple and repeating tasks can rely on system algorithm. You can focus on closing more deal and accomplishing more targets

  • Task assignment with scheduling

  • Real-time morning team progress

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