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Is ChatGPT AI Content Writer OK or Not?

In recent years, ChatGPT, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, has gained attention from various industries as a potentially useful tool for content writing. The author had previously tried ChatGPT but found that the version at that time did not solve professional practical problems well yet. That's why he did not give much attention at that moment.

However, as far as the author knows, most universities in Hong Kong have internally banned ChatGPT, except for the ones that allow faculty members to decide whether students can use AI tools. This indicates that most universities are still skeptical about the role of AI in academic research and communication.

Recently, the author tried ChatGPT again. This time, the test was changed from a professional problem to more generic ones to see whether ChatGPT is as powerful as claimed. During the test, the author observed several interesting things:

  • Using AI to generate content can make the language more fluent or modify the tone to some extent. However, it still needs human supervision to ensure the accuracy and fact-checking of the content.

  • Writing still requires ideas and guidance, even with AI. In this example, ChatGPT can handle the writing part, but the editing work still needs to be done by humans.

  • AI-generated content is not risk-free. It may use banned words or create ethical risks. As shown in the example, if you ask ChatGPT how to make the Earth better, it may suggest a plan to eliminate humans. If businesses use AI-generated content without reviewing it, it could lead to negative consequences, such as legal action or accusations of spreading misinformation.

  • AI can write simple programs, but for complex ones, it still needs human expertise in project management and system analysis design. Therefore, for now, AI cannot replace human programmers in building large-scale systems like ERP.

  • AI can be useful in generating reports if the data is complete. In the future, AI may assist with creating reports, which would save time and resources. Therefore, data collection is crucial in building any systems.

  • Search engines may change to answer questions directly or provide recommendations. Therefore, content marketing will become even more important, and businesses should focus on how to make their content readable and applicable for AI to answer queries.

  • Although AI can complete most of the work in writing an article on the surface. But the complicated parts, such as proofreading and content ideation, still requires human effort. However, routine work may be more susceptible to being replaced by AI.

  • Writing is subjective, and AI may have biases or limitations. For example, AI may not compose a comment on Donald Trump but will write a poem about Joe Biden.

  • Also, recognizing Cantonese is still a challenge for AI. Screen capture as following,

The most impressive thing about this version of AI is that it can converse and has passed the Turing test. While we do not want to rush into using new technology, we hope that ChatGPT and other AI models will become more mature and efficient in the future.

In the tech industry, people often overestimate the short-term impact of a technology while underestimating its long-term impact.

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