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Sharing with AIA Achievers Family

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

We and DT Consulting Ltd are honored to receive the invitation from AIA Achievers Family to give a business presentation at their morning meeting. We would like to thank the outstanding insurance practitioners who attended!

Our sharing mainly focused on two major areas: government subsidies and CRM automatic customer acquisition applications. The reason for choosing this topic is not only related to our industry, but also hope to bring the following value to the participants:

  • Understand how the following government subsidies can help you and your business customers develop your business 💰 TVP Technology Voucher 💰 BUD Dedicated Fund

  • Understand what an automated customer acquisition system is 📢 Online drainage strategy 🏆 Automated sales process 📊 Marketing data analysis

And understand how to combine these resources to develop your business.

Through this sharing, the participants learned that the government subsidy program can help them develop their careers in the following areas:

  • Have a common topic with entrepreneurs

  • Help develop the domestic entrepreneur market, because 🏢 They want to know how to land their business in Hong Kong 🌏 Hope to know how to help domestic enterprises enter overseas markets after landing in Hong Kong

And understand that using CRM system can help them

  • Leverage customer generation efficiency (Leads Generation)

  • Do the following actions under compliance 📢 Online drainage strategy 🏆 Automated sales process 📊 Marketing data analysis

I hope our sharing can let more people know how CRM can help their business development!


If you want to know more about the related topics, you can click on this link whats app our business consultant for inquiries.


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