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Thanks for coming to visit us during 'Innofest 2023' Expo

We are thrilled to join BNI and BNIT in the Innofest 2023 Expo, in which a concurrent event of Computer Expo 2023, and to meet our wonderful business partners and customers!

And our Business Development Manager, Mr. Alan Law, whom is now president of BNIT, were honored to host a open ceremony for the participate of the BNIT's member in the Innofest 2023 event.

We were also honored to be invited to participated the opening ceremony of the Innofest Expo 2023 event.

We also delivered a speech during the event, discussing the topic "Digital Transformation: Transform your business, Optimize your relationship with customer'.

The most important thing is having all of you with us, we strike to continue providing the best solution in the Marketing Technology Aspect.