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Why Digital Transformation Needs Persistence

Recently, it was time for subscription renewal for the projects funded by d-Biz program. Even though the level of investment and detail in digital transformation of these customers may not be particularly high, there are still many positive stories to be heard.

One of the customers is a local bookseller who sells physical travel books. In the past, people always bought these travel books before traveling abroad, and this bookseller's books were always a popular choice. Before the pandemic, with the rise of the Internet, the sales of travel books had already entered a plateau period. During the pandemic, sales plummeted even more, and the company's scale has also been significantly reduced.

Through a friend's introduction, they reach out us to help them set up an e-commerce website with real-time communication under the d-Biz program. With the recent "0+3" policy, upon people travelling aboard, they can use the website's real-time Q&A system to reach out the client. It turns out the mechant abe to immediately receive several orders from the system. Therefore, when receiving the renewal notice, they agreed to continue and discussed with us how to further help their business with digital transformation through the Internet and different support programs.

It is heartening to hear such a story, which proves that we are doing the right thing by helping businesses find a way out through digital transformation in difficult times. In fact, digital transformation is a business transformation and requires patience to implement. It cannot be done well within a year. However, if you refuse to continue the cloud infrastructure for digital transformation after a year, the negative impact will be immediate, as follows:

❌ Losing the system infrastructure for digital transformation

To reduce the cost of digital transformation, it is generally recommended that customers rent servers. To make it easier for us to maintain and for customers to get started, we usually offer cloud services and maintenance for the first year. From the second year on, it is necessary to maintain costs to maintain the server, and to continue updating and repairing the system. Therefore, if the updates are interrupted, we can only reluctantly interrupt the system, but for merchants, it is equivalent to breaking the foundation of the entire transformation. Even if the content is exported when interrupted, when using a new system in the future, it will still need to adapt to the process operation again.

❌ Losing search engine optimization settings

Because Google and other search engines will remember the webpage structure. Interrupting the system infrastructure is equivalent to breaking this investment. Even if there is a new system in the future, because the structure is different, even if the keywords are the same, the search engine robots need to remember the webpage structure at the same time.

❌ If the system development is subsidized, and the subsidy has a minimum system retention period, if the service has expired time shorter than the retention period, it may violate the relevant subsidy terms.

Whether it is private equity or government subsidies, the subsidy contract must have time constraints. If the retention period of the system is shorter than this limit, there is a chance that all the subsidies received need to be refunded.

❌ If applying for government subsidies, the same project cannot be repeated.

This is usually a clause for government subsidies. For example, when applying for subsidy this time, an e-commerce website was reported, and next time, the same function e-commerce website cannot be reported. Therefore, if the subsidized system is interrupted, the business will need to re-establish it at their own expense.

❌ Overdue renewal requests may result in additional fees based on actual conditions, and system data may be irretrievably lost due to support interruption.

After the cloud service and system are interrupted, the data and system will disappear from the Internet for a period of time. Even if they are restored later, only the latest backup can be used for recovery. The data records between the backup and the network interruption cannot be restored. Moreover, the system recovery itself requires additional costs.

Digital transformation is a continuous business restructuring project, and stopping halfway will only interrupt the entire process, and re-planning will be required for future work. Moreover, whether it is an official or private institution, support for information technology-related transformation has never been greater. Coupled with the possibility of economic recession next year, reinvesting in digital transformation will not be an easy task. If the previous transformation is not enough to meet all business needs, we recommend that you come to us to learn more about how we can help you. With over 400 cases of digital transformation, we believe we have enough experience and network to provide the most suitable solution.

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