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Digital Transformation is a fundamental reality for businesses future. 

Completely altering the way businesses are managed and operated

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Why choose our Solutions?

Improve Operational efficiency with Automation

Transform complicated work procedures into simple routine repetitions, resulting in enhanced engagement and sales productivity.
Take the following as an example, the simple chat, enquiry, reservation and application is completed in one go with most efficiency…

Leverage data to raise brand value/sales and enhance customer experience

By knowing how to evaluate customers’ data based on the customers’ previous interactions with your company to help enhance the customer experience. When your business is able to provide customer with excellent service and exceptional results, you will build loyal customers

Integrate seamless multi-channel experiences to build robust data

  • Technology has empowered customers to get what they want, whenever they want, and how they want it.

  • Today’s customers are not tied to a single channel, they browse in-store, shop online, share and ask questions through social media.

  • Tying all of these interactions together allows you to create an irresistible profile.


About V8 Global Digital Transformation

From the way people communicate to the way they shop; everything is becoming digitised.

“Digital transformation” has become an essential element of business growth and sustainable development.

We have been providing professional technical support solutions for individuals, SMEs and enterprises since 2013.  The olutions include

●      Customized CRM (customer relationship management) system;

●      Omni-channel eBusiness system that specialises in providing   

        omni-channel sales pipelines; and

●      eCommerce solutions.



We help different industries to gain advantages through
Digital Transformation. 


Digitalised and automated data management platform

All the inventory data is well-integrated and stored in the central cloud database to facilitate stock tracking. To automatically calculates sales, commission, member database and other data, then generates insights for business growth!

Health Care

Auto content push and digitalized booking platform

In booking automation platform, you can schedule, manage resource and their availability. At the same time, you can also provide health care advice to the patients through our market automation system to auto caring public and patients! 


Automated sales & marketing platform with DIY onboarding platform

Our solution let you setup marketing automation and sales pipeline through drag and drop actions and trigger different campaigns to auto nurture traffic to leads, customer and fans!


Real-time control, rapid rostering, multi-projects management

Our solution supports shipping and receiving process automation, real-time inventory tracking, easy to keep up with timetables. 


Flexible booking platform

In booking automation platform, you can schedule, manage resources and their availability. In the streamlined system, one can organize students' personal information, visualize data, online materials sharing, timetable updating and deadline reminders setting etc., also can generate reports, let you catch up on the progress easily!

Our News

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“We help merchant to engage loyalty customer by providing comprehensive digital transformation solution.”

V8 Global

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