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How to retrieve contact with the government from a consultant

Recently, while preparing annual financial statements, various insightss were being sorted out and discovered that some potential orders had not progressed after the quotation was sent out for a period of time. A comprehensive inquiry was made to follow up on these potential orders. Based on past experience, most cases would end with customers politely saying that the project would not be carried forward. I would silently record and complete the clearing of accumulated quotations and follow-ups. The purpose of this task is to obtain a more accurate statistic of the sales data for the year, and to set the direction and strategy for the following year, as well as to determine whether to increase or decrease certain KPIs to create suitable action to the market.

This year is different. Following up on these cases resulted in a lot of complaints. Upon careful investigation, it was because some irresponsible consultants had not done their follow-up work properly. After a round of communication, many of these potential customers queried about how they could continue with their projects. Since most of these projects applied for Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) subsidies, they also needed to be approved before they could officially start the project. As the queries turn out to be quite common, this tutorial was created to share how to regain the contact with the official side from uncooperative consultants.

To gain direct control of the contact with the government, one must first confirm the following situations while implementing the steps in this tutorial:

Deciding to no longer cooperate with the relevant consultant

In general, consultants require control of the email in order to follow up with government enquiries as quickly as possible and provide the most suitable response based on their experience. Regaining control means that these tasks will have to be handled independently in the future. As a digital transformation company, we will certainly do our best to assist, but ultimately, the applicant must take action to handle the situation.

Such operation does not necessarily mean the termination of a consultant contract

This depends on the contract signed with the consultant at the time. The content of this article only shares how to directly contact the government to ensure that applicants can log in to the relevant website to understand their subsidy application.

Before starting, you need to prepare the Business Registration and the ID of the company's main responsible person, and it would be better to have the application case number if available. Then, start the following process:

1. Call/Email HKPC

The contact information for the TVP Secretariat at HKPC is as follows:

According to feedback from our familiar consultants, email is actually faster for this step. When sending this email, pay attention to the following points:

  • In the email, indicate that the old email cannot be accessed and that a new email will be used for communication. An example format is as follows: "Dear Sir/Madam, Due to personnel changes within our company, I will be following up on the related TVP application (number: TVP/XXXX/XXX). As the previous email cannot be accessed, please kindly update the new contact email to * Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please find attached our company's Business Registration for reference."

  • Use a new email address that you frequently use to send this email.

  • Attach your company's Business Registration for verification purposes.

If you feel that email communication is not direct enough, calling HKPC is also an option. However, be sure to call during HKPC's office hours, and calling is more direct than emailing. After connecting, express your desire to retrieve the direct contact email with the government to the staff. The staff may ask why you want to do this, and many customers usually accept the following reason:

The colleague who previously handled the matter has resigned, and he had opened an email to follow up on the matter by himself. However, he did not provide the login information for that email when he resigned, so the email cannot be accessed now.

There is no model answer, anything reasonable will most likely be acceptable. But it is not recommended to say that the consultant did not follow up on anything, because the government agency initially declared that the previous email was directly contacting the applicant (or relevant authorized person). Based on experience, consultant contracts are generally authorization contracts. And the goal is to obtain the lead for the follow-up, so it is not recommended to complicate the matter.

Afterwards, simply provide the email address of the commonly used mailbox that you will definitely be able to access, and the staff will update the system accordingly.

2. Go to the TVP website and select "Forgot Login ID"

Once the staff has confirmed the updated email, you can go to the TVP website and you will see the following page.

After clicking "Forgot Login Name" Forgot Login Name located at the bottom right of the login page, you will be directed to the following page.

Enter your company's Business Registration Number and the email address confirmed with the staff during step 1, in the corresponding fields. Then, follow the instructions to enter the verification code and click "Submit".

Afterwards, an email will be sent to your email address with instructions on how to retrieve and record your login name.

3. Go to the TVP website and select "Forgot Password"

When you visit the TVP website ( , you will see the following page.

After clicking "Forgot Password" located at the bottom left of the login page, you will be directed to the following page.

Please enter your company's Business Registration No. or login name in the corresponding field, along with the email address that you confirmed with the staff in Step 1, and then enter the verification code as instructed before clicking "Submit".

You will then receive an email at your registered email address with instructions on how to set a new password.

4. Login TVP Portal

Go to TVP Portal site and you will see the below screen.

After entering your login name and password in the login field, click "Login". The system will then send an email to your registered email address. Please enter the verification code from the email into the system as shown in the figure below.

You can successfully log in to the system to check the progress of your application.

Of course, we hope that our clients can have a pleasant cooperation with their appointed consultants and never need to use this sharing. After all, a qualified digital transformation consultant can have the following functions:

  • Assist companies in digital transformation from a business perspective

  • Effectively address various business development needs, including fundraising, through experience and network resources

  • Better communicate business needs with the technical team to ensure that the solution can be implemented

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