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How to buy a domain on GoDaddy and setup the DNS, ready to connect our system

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

We provide a free built-in domain for all users. To shorten the timeline for launching an online store, the built-in domain will be automatically connected to your online store.

If you would like to use your own domain, you can follow the following steps to purchase one from GoDaddy. If you have already got an existing domain, you can skip this part and directly go to the DNS setup part.

1. To purchase a new domain, you may register an account from GoDaddy, and once you register and logged in, you can do a domain search to find the domain you would like to purchase.

2. Click the "Add to cart" logo beside the domain you would like to choose.

3. Click "View Cart" Logo on top right hand corner to see the domains you would like to add to cart, choose the period you would like to subscribe the domain and click "Looks Good, Keep Going" after the options are all right.

4. It is not necessary to purchase any protection on your domain or create an email to deploy the domain to our system. So, it's up to your decision to purchase these or not. And also un-check the "Start your website for FREE" option since this will be provided by our solution too. Then click "Continue to Cart".

5. If you want to checkout with PayPal, can click "PayPal" button to process. Else, you can click "I'm Ready to Pay" if through different payment method.

6. If click "I'm Ready to Pay" in previous step, you can choose to checkout through various payment method.

After purchase, you can start setting up the DNS for your domain.

1. Click the arrow beside your login name to call out the drop down manual, click "My Products"

2. Under "My Products" page, scroll down to the list view of the domain and click "DNS".

3. Click the "Edit" button in the "A" record with name "@" and input our IP address "".

Once done, please notify our staff and we will configure our server side so that your customer can access your site on our server then.

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